Keri Lynn Roche is a Michigan born and raised, singer/songwriter, who has being playing music since the age of 14. Her earliest influences were primarily female artists such as Tori Amos, Fiona Apple, Sheryl Crow and Ani Difranco.  

Keri would describe her own style as one that is constantly growing. "I don't offer just one thing, because as a person I am constantly changing and experimenting. I like to play folk music, I can get gospel, I'm a pop princess and I grew up on alternative rock and grunge so it all is somehow intertwined in the music I write. The one thing that remains consistent is the honesty." 

The depth is there, the brutal honesty cryptically intertwined in her songs are valuable to her for more reasons than just making it big in the industry, "This is my medicine. I can't take full responsibility for overcoming personal struggles because I couldn't have done it without music, If I could make it on a larger scale that would be wonderful, but my primary motive has never been fame, it's just the safest place for me to say what I really feel and the fact that people want to listen to it, and want to hear more, is just as baffling as it is flattering." 

Roche has had the opportunity to perform at some very well-known national venues including Nashville's Bluebird Cafe, The House of Blues Anaheim, San Diego Onyx Cafe, Springfed Songwriter's Retreat as well as many local area stages including the Detroit Opera House, The Detroit Fillmore, The Crofoot Ballroom & Pike room, opened for rising star Vance Joy at Ann Arbor's Sonic Lunch, The Blind Pig, The Magic Bag, The Ark, Taste of Ann Arbor, Ann Arbor Art Fair 2014 & 2015, Royal Oak's Arts Beats & Eats 2014 & 2015 Xhedo's, AJ's Cafe, Gracie's Underground, PJ's Lager House,  

Keri was placed in the Top 24 girls on American Idol in 2014 during Season XIII. 
Regarding her initial Detroit audition, Keri explains, “It’s amazing how a three minute clip on national television once a week can affect someone's life.” Indeed, the singer received an enormous amount of positive feedback and new fan support following her multiple performances on the show. "Being validated by three of the biggest names in the industry was flattering, but remembering that it is show business, that the weight of your artistry and what you do is not dependent on the opinion of three human beings who have to find "the one" in 12 short weeks. It can be sad to see fellow contenders singing and others who stand by and you can see that they're feeling as though something they have is being jeopardized by someone else's talent, I did my best to help others, try to encourage them and remind them, it's TV, you are incredible to have made it this far and despite the result today you must keep doing what you love. Every "no" I've ever gotten made me work that much harder. 

Now, back home Roche has released 2 singles and is in the process of writing a full length album with her band by her side. Backing Roche is local Producer/musician Bryan Reilly, Eric Sproull, Michael Parrott, Joey Gaydos, Drew Parent and Jacob Shives. The band formed piece by piece, says Roche. "We kind of fell together, Bryan knew Mike & Jake, I borrowed Drew from another band, Eric was a producer on the track "Scar on My heart" ft. co-writer Dan Henig who introduced us, he's been an absolute angel, like family. Joey hopped on board after a few gigs and then I held them all captive to the KLR Summer shows. They all love what they do, they're all incredible guys and musicians and I'm really fortunate to have them behind me." "From this point I'd like to dedicate as much of my time to my craft, the music I write and the power of healing attached to it, not only for myself but others. It has been the most rewarding gift I've received in life thus far, it's been a challenge to write lately and I will be updating this site with my blog related to music and songwriting, and probably some other crazy blabber related. I hope to find solace in the process of finding my muse again, it used to be sadness, but I have a light in my life that I have never known, so now I need to learn how to write about that, and what a miracle it is to say that."

I can't take full responsibility for overcoming my personal struggles because I could not have done it without the music.”